Monday, September 14, 2015

How To Be More Organized For School

How to be Organized for School!

Today in this blog I'm going to show you 3(three) different organization tips that helped me for so many years, and I think that they might help you all as well. 

Number 1: Clean Out Your Book bag every Semester.

(This organization tip helped me so much when I was entering middle school. If you don't have Semesters you can do Marking Periods or every 3 months.) Cleaning out your book bags is a good way to start because if you clean out your book bag you will feel less stressful when you have to go inside your book bag and have crumbled papers food and all sorts of garbage. Also when you clean out your book bag you can put all those papers into a safe location or folder so if there is a test you can go back to that folder or location you put those notes for that specific test.

Number 2: Color your notes.

Coloring your notes is one organization tip I use every single year. Basically by coloring your notes is more organize and you can understand your own notes. It's been so many times in the past where there was test coming up and I had to study and I couldn't even read my own and writing. You can see in the Picture above that this person colored their notes with post-its or sticky notes (YOU CAN USE HIGHLIGHTERS COLORED PENCILS ETC....) and they labeled what each color means. 

Number 3: Use your Agenda Book

Using your agenda is a very big one. Not only using your agenda is very organized but is like a check list, you can check off your to-do list or you can check of your homework assignments. You can also use an agenda book to mark exams, projects, or even upcoming test, you can also use it for preparing study time w/ your best friend, agenda books are so amazing!

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